Scandinavian Windows and Doors – Energy Efficient Homes

Scandinavian Windows – The Perfect Choice for Energy Efficient Homes

Scandinavian windows and doors or alu-clad are quickly becoming the product of choice for those customers who are seeking low energy efficient products for their homes.

It is no surprise that people are worried about the environmental impact construction is having on the environment.

Sustainably sourced timber with replanting commitments along with FSC certified forests ensure that the environment is continually replenished.

Recycling products within the manufacturing process ensures that the planet is always firmly on our mind.

As a result we have found that when we are requested for low u-values or passive house capabilities there is clearly a need for alu-clad timber products.

Without compromising on quality and visual appearance, Scandinavian alu-clad doors and windows are becoming the product of choice.

Few in the market place can boast a 60 year life expectancy, again which shows that the initial investment is worth every penny as it pays for itself time after time.

Fully flexible products allow both inwards and outward opening solutions, also double or triple glazed options so the choice is vast.

The entire series comes with the option of painted, stained or lacquered allowing the customer a wide range of choice.

Our lifetime products offer inward opening tilt and turn windows, outward opening fully reversible options which are perfect for the high rise or multi occupation dwellings but still offering great thermal qualities and u-values.

Also our French/balcony doors are perfect for those who have a smaller space which requires opening out or in.

And our sliding doors are effortless in their glide again offering 2 or 4 pane options to meet any desirable new build again reach 0.8 u-values if required

Perfect choice for those consumers who are concerned about the planet.

If you are looking to carry out a project in the Yorkshire area why not speak to one of our team based in Harrogate, York or Leeds who will be happy to chat things through further

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