Do I Need Planning Permission For My Glass Canopy, Glass House or Wintergarden?

As the Yorkshire Solarlux Partner, we often get asked about the requirement for planning permission for a Glass Canopy, Glass Extension or Wintergarden.

As a general rule, adding a glass canopy, glass house or Wintergarden if often classed as a “permitted development”. So generally speaking, you do not need planning permission to install these products in your home, subject to a list of limits and conditions as defined on the Planning Portals.

These Limits and Conditions Include, But are not limited to:-

The glass extension should not take up more than half the area of land around the “original house”.

  • The glass extension should not be higher than the highest part of the roof
  • The glass extension should not be more than 4 metres in height
  • The glass extension must not extend beyond the rear wall of the “original house” by more than:
    • 8 metres for a detached house
    • 6 metres for any other house
  • The materials used for the glass extension must be similar in appearance to the existing home
  • If the house is an area where an Article 4 Direction limits permitted development rights, planning permission will be required.  This often includes conservation areas and listed buildings.
  • The government defines “original house” as the house as it was first built (or as it stood) on 1 July 1948 (if it was built before that date

Please see the Planning Portal for the full list of the limits and conditions for a glazed extension

Neighbour Consultation Scheme For A Wintergarden,  Glass Canopy or Glass House

Larger glass extensions( between 4 and 8 metres for a detached house and between 3 and 6 metres for all other houses) may be subject to Neighbour Consultation Scheme.  Plans will be submitted to the local authority who will give adjoining neighbours the opportunity to raise any concerns or objections about the planned development.

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